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Implications and Extrapolations

It is very important to understand the biology of parental investment.  While the investment of fish and birds may not be that fascinating, it is important to note that humans are not the only animals in which both parents invest in their young.  We, as well as other species, have experienced several evolutionary adaptations that have caused us to develop the kind of parental strategies that we exhibit.  Deeper than cultural practices, our biological roots have evolved us to provide substantial care for our offspring from both males and females.  The skills we acquire and our socialization are in large part a result of our parents’ investments of protection, time, resources, and knowledge into us as we develop.  If more people understand this fundamental need for investment from both parents, perhaps they would be more likely to spend an appropriate amount of effort in raising their children; effort that goes a long way in helping their children as well as their genes to survive.

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